Take a Trip to Retro Station

Located next door to Frankenstein Comics in Woodbury, NJ, Retro Station is a treasure trove of older collectibles. Retro Station’s inventory spans across all aspects of pop culture, with items from franchises such as GI Joe, Star Wars, and The Wizard of Oz.


Photo by Stephen Huff

Retro Station is an interesting case to me because of how the store has evolved over the years. According to owner Jerry DeMaio, the first inception of Retro Station in a brick and mortar fashion was in a 100 sq. ft. space in Mullica Hill, NJ. The store would go on to move to a slightly bigger space and then to where there the store is currently located now.

With the extra space that they have, Retro Station has rented out a portion of the store to Raiders of the Lost Toys. The addition of Raiders of the Lost Toys is interesting in that it allows Retro Station’s store to cover a wider timeline of toys, with Raiders of the Lost Toys focusing on newer toys.

Retro Station also features a section of toys specifically for girls, something which isn’t  found in most stores according to DeMaio.


Photo by Stephen Huff

Adding onto this, Retro Station also has a music section with vinyl records from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, and KISS, as well as various types of guitars for sale.

For more on Retro Station, check out the video and photo gallery below.





One thought on “Take a Trip to Retro Station

  1. We love the store and have followed since the old 100square foot venue. Happy that you guys continue to succeed and here to much more success as time goes by!


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