Recap: Cherry Hill Public Library Comic Con

Hello boys and girls,

So this past Saturday I went to Cherry Hill Public Library Comic Con and had a great time at the event. There were some really cool vendors and artists there, some of which  I was familiar with and others that I wasn’t familiar with. Unfortunately for me, I have the second half of my car insurance payment and several other bills due at the end of the month, so I couldn’t really afford to spend any money there. That being said, I have a ton of photos of the various different vendors and will have several posts for each vendor and artist. I’ll also include links to their websites and social media pages in the posts.

With that all being said, let’s get into the breakdown.


Photo by Stephen Huff, The site of where everything went down on Saturday.

I showed up to the event at around 12:20pm or so and headed straight downstairs. The downstairs was transformed into a land of comics, figures, and artwork. One thing I have to give the staff credit for was that they utilized the space well in that it didn’t feel that everyone was crammed into one space.

One cool experience was getting to meet the people behind Camden Comic Con in person. They were at the event manning the Plunder Palace table, as the owner couldn’t be at the event. While this may sound strange, the owner has been a vendor at Camden Comic Con for years and they wanted to help him out.


Photo by Stephen Huff, I even got one of the Camden Comic Con pins that they were giving away for free. Neat!

Although it was challenging, I managed to not spend any money downstairs, despite several items attracting my attention. One of the artists in particular who grabbed my attention was Philip McNulty.


Photo by Stephen Huff,  Some of the prints that McNulty had for sale. Although you can’t see it in the photo, McNulty had an awesome print of Gambit on display as well.

After going through the artists and vendors, I decided to attend some of the panels. The panels that I attended covered things such as manga, cosplaying tips, and the history of Will Eisner. The cosplaying tips included things such as how to prevent makeup from smearing on others people’s costumes and how to create fake blood.

The panel on Will Eisner was interesting in that it covered a lot of Will Eisner’s work and how Eisner was ahead of his time in many ways. The panel also involved some discussion of a book called The Lost Works of Will Eisner by Joseph Getsinger, with Getsinger being at the convention as well. The story behind the book is fascinating in that through a series of events, Getsinger managed to come into possession of several thousand printing plates of comic strips from legends such as Will Eisner and Jack Kirby.

While I did have to leave early and didn’t get to experience everything at the convention, I enjoyed my time at Cherry Hill Public Library Comic Con and would definitely go again. Stay tuned for more coverage folks!

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