Take a Trip to Plunder Palace

Located right nearby Chick’s Deli in Cherry Hill, NJ, Plunder Palace is a relatively new store in the area. Home to a diverse collection of merchandise, Plunder Palace has everything from older comics to a Tekken Arcade Machine and vinyls/CDs in the store. There is even more interesting merchandise in the back of the store,  with one example that Plunder Palace’s owner Mark showed me was this Anthrax/Judge Dredd crossover poster.


Photo by Stephen Huff

Although a majority of the merchandise is older, that doesn’t mean Plunder Palace exclusively sells older merchandise. An example of this is while at Cherry Hill Public Library’s Comic Con, Plunder Palace’s had a significant amount of space dedicated to Funko Pops. Adding to this, Mark said that there will be new comics on Wednesday’s in the near future.

To see more on Plunder Palace, check out the photos below.

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