Recap: Camden Comic Con

What’s going on everybody?

Today I had the chance to go to Camden Comic Con and I had a blast there. As somebody who is a college student, I appreciated the fact that it didn’t cost anything to get in and that a lot of the vendors had fair prices. In addition to picking up some comics, stickers, and a Stranger Things print, I snagged a ton of photos of vendors for you guys.

Unfortunately, due to having a boat load of schoolwork on my plate, I only really had enough time to check out the vendor hall. Hopefully next year I’ll have more time to check out everything else that was available at the convention.

There was plenty of cool stuff on display in the vendor hall, and I found a lot of people that I hope to talk to and share their stories with you guys in the near future. I have a few other photos, but I’m trying to double check the specifics on who the vendors are. before posting those. Enjoy the photos below guys, and be sure to check out the different vendor’s/artist’s stores/social media pages. Peace!

Conquest Comics

Located on 659 Route 9 in Bayville, NJ, this store had an absolutely massive amount of Funko Pops for sale.

Website:   Email:


Dumb Bows

Mentioned in an interview post here, Dumb Bows had a nice collection of merchandise at the convention.



Ryan G. Browne

One of the artists whose stuff I really enjoyed, Browne had a variety of items including prints, pins, and more up for sale. For myself, I bought a Stranger Things print and really enjoyed a Calvin and Hobbes one he had for sale as well. Check out the online site to see the prints available for sale.




The Encounter Comics & Games

Located on 811 Union Blvd. in Allentown, PA, The Encounter Comics & Games was a godsend for a college student like me. They offered discounted hats, graphic novels, and more at the convention, and I managed to pick up two novels for $10.


Frankenstein Comics

Located next to Retro Station in Woodbury, NJ, Frankenstein Comics had a ton of comics set up at the show. I picked up several comics from the dollar box, including a copy of Flaming Carrot Comics.



Stronge Designs

With a variety of merchandise such as prints and shirts, Stronge Designs caught my eye as I walked around the convention hall. Shout out to the Pokemon designs, as well as the Edgar Allen Poe.



Plunder Palace

Mentioned in a previous post, Plunder Palace was also set up at the convention. Among the inventory available was comics, wrestling figures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more.


All Things Fun!

All Things Fun had one of my favorite items at the event, with that being the Joker shades that they had.



All Things Videos Games

Had I not spent a good amount of money already, I may have picked up some of the plushes that were for sale. I think I overheard one of the guys working the table saying that they had a One Punch Man figure for sale earlier too, so I may have to visit the store to check that out.



Mark Holmes

Holmes is involved with a comic series called Femforce. According to Holmes, this was the first series to feature an all-female superhero team. As you guys can probably imagine, this caught my attention and is something that I will be trying to update you guys on in the future.


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