Check out Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of my favorite animes at the moment and something that I think more people should get into. Creator Hirohiko Araki’s series is one of the longest running manga at the moment, with this year being the 20th anniversary of the series. With part 4 finishing up a few months ago and it being one of the recommended mangas for people to read at Cherry Hill Public Library Comic Con, what better time to talk about why people they should watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Changing it up

Part of what allows Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to stay fresh is the fact that the series isn’t afraid to switch things up. While the series follows the Joestar family and the bloodlines fight against evil, the way in which that story varies from part to part helps prevent things from becoming stagnant. In addition to featuring a different member of the Joestar bloodline in each part, the series setting changes from places such as Egypt, Italy, and Japan, among others. As if all of this wasn’t enough, each part also has a distinctive art style. The changes allow for the series to stay fresh while not straying too far away from what makes Jojo Jojo.

Ridiculous with a capital R

For the same reason action movies like Total Recall are so much fun, the absurdity of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is part of what makes the show so fun. Jojo is a show that only starts to embrace the humor aspect in the second part and runs with it from there.

For instance, here is one of my favorite scenes of the entire anime as of this point.

On top of hilarious scenes like this, there’s the ridiculous poses the character’s make, as well as the fact that for the first three parts pretty much the whole cast is insanely ripped.


Jojo does something unique in that starting from part 3 on in that it makes a change that completely changes how characters fight. Specifically, part 3 is when stands are first introduced. Basically, a stand is a near invisible figure that can be summoned and fight. I say near invisible because of the fact that only stand users can see stands.


Gif courtesy of Imgur user actuallydio

While this may sound strange, it works wonders for the series in that it opens the door for almost anybody to be a stand user. It could be a jacked guy, but it could also be an old lady, a baby, or an orangutan. Not only does it open this door, but stands could have essentially any ability. In part 4, for example, stand abilities range from repairing any sort of broken objects, to completely changing what a person looks like and being able to erase matter from a certain distance away.

Dio and the Joestars: The Yin and the Yang

It would be criminal to mention Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure without mentioning Dio Brando. One of the show’s main villains, Dio is the perfect incarnation of evil. Without giving too much plot away, Dio is the type of character who you think they can’t make him more evil and yet time and time again they do. To give a small taste, he steals Jonathan Joestar’s first kiss with his girlfriend and also murders his dog. Suffice to say, that is only the beginning of Dio’s evil ways.

No breaks on the JoJo hype train - DIO's WORLD has began - Imgur

Gif courtesy of Imgur user DIOSWARUDO

A Creator’s Vision

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is something that is clearly the creation of Hirohiko Araki. Part of what makes the series fun is that Araki incorporates the things he loves. Araki’s love for western music, for instance, can be seen in the names of stands and their abilities.

To prove this point, let’s look at one of the characters in part 4: Yoshikage Kira. Kira’s stand name is Killer Queen (shown below). One of Killer Queen’s abilities is Sheer Heart Attack. In case it isn’t clear, these are all references to the band Queen.

Killer Queen is just one of many references within the show, and all the more reason to check it out.

So should you watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? There’s only one answer:

Give it a shot: Haikyuu!

Hey guys,

So considering the fact that this site covers a wide spectrum of topics, I figured I’d create a section recommending things from the topics. To start off, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite animes called Haikyuu!

Intensity off the charts

One of the biggest strengths of Haikyuu is the show’s tendency to emphasize moments such as serves, spikes and blocks by adding more flair to those scenes. That extra attention to detail adds to the intensity of the action and is part of what makes Haikyuu so much fun to watch. Words don’t do these moments justice, so here are a few examples:


Gif created by Reddit user fivethreepoint


Gif created by Makeagif user Leenah


Gif created by Reddit user fivethreepoint

A concept that works

Haikyuu is a show that sets itself up as the ultimate underdog story. We get to see Karasuno High School rise back to former glory as the players strive to make it to Nationals. We watch Hinata Shoyo, one of the show’s main characters, go from a kid whose passion for volleyball far outweighed his skill to somebody who starts to become more and more of a formidable foe on the volleyball court. It is the evolution of the players themselves over the course of the show that make Haikyuu a blast to watch.

Gif from popkey user  @q0N3b

The team actually loses

The process of Karasuno emerging as a top contender is one that is enjoyable to watch due to the fact that there are some growing pains for the team. This isn’t a show where the team magically wins every game. For example, there is a training camp arc in the second season where the team loses every single game at the camp. While it may sound somewhat painful to watch, it is all part of the process of the players learning and adding more tools to their arsenal so that they can be more successful in the long run.


Screenshot from my Crunchyroll account.                                                                                           Although they still have to play another match at this point in the season, this just shows how much of an adjustment period that the team goes through before becoming stronger.

The opposing teams

What fun would Haikyuu be if the other teams were all boring? The show does an excellent job in having compelling opponents with specific characteristics attached to them. For instance, there’s the almost impenetrable defense of Dateko, the receiving power of Nekoma and the unpredictable Johzenji. These scenarios work in that they provide unique challenges for Karasuno to have to deal with and force the team to adapt to win. Not only that, but the teams in the show also have their own cheers which are sure to get stuck in your head.

(Video created by YouTube user Izumi Yuhi)

That’s it for now. I hope this had me you consider watching Haikyuu. There a ton of reasons to watch this show, and the reasons I listed barely scratch the surface.