An Interview with Miranda Powell of Camden Comic Con

Hello people,
I apologize for the quiet audio. I was a bit under the weather at the time of the interview, so I wanted to try and cover up the breathing my mic picked up. In this interview, Miranda and I talk about how Camden Comic Con got started, the decision to not charge for entry into the convention and more. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the links below to find out more.(Also the convention is happening on April 8th.)

Intro post

Hello folks! Welcome to Press A for News. Press A for News is a platform dedicated to covering the comic, anime, gaming and toy collecting communities of New Jersey/Philadelphia. The ultimate goal of this sort platform will be to connect members of the various communities with one another, as well as to expose more people to the communities. Content that will be generated to accomplish this include things such as articles, audio/video interviews, and videos. I’m hoping to get the ball rolling soon, so expect to see content coming out in the near future.