Take a trip to Millennium Hobbies and The Gundam Kitchen

Located in Blackwood, NJ, Millennium Hobbies and The Gundam Kitchen is an interesting place. Living up to the name of “The Gundam Kitchen,” the store has everything you need when it comes to putting together Gundam figures.

The store’s merchandise goes beyond just Gundams though. The store has other sorts of merchandise that you can put together, as well as pins, magnets, manga, and board games such as Krosmaster Quest, among other things.

When I personally went, I picked up some Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Pins, as well as a Gurren Lagann magnet.

On top of all this, the store even has some snacks available for customers.

To see more of what the store has to offer, you can check out their website, their Facebook page, and some photos from my time there. As always folks, stay tuned for more content on the way.